Queensland conditions can take their toll on a vehicle. The moment you drive out of the showroom, the assault begins. Between the sun, the salt, the wind, the rain, the birds, and your friends and family, your vehicle can begin to show signs of wear ‘n tear in just months - inside and out. But not if you have the right aftercare products applied before you take delivery…

By protecting your vehicle with the right aftercare products, you can keep that ‘showroom shine’ longer, and also preserve your vehicle’s resale value. So you’re protecting your investment, both now and in the future.

Why choose Zupps Browns Plains Suzuki?

At Zupps Browns Plains Suzuki, we know what the local elements dish out. Not to mention the Gold Coast lifestyle. One of our experienced Aftercare Managers will sit down with you and ask you how you’ll be using your vehicle, and what sort of punishment you expect it to cop. Then she’ll tailor an aftercare package specifically to meet those challenges. With a huge range of products appropriate for your particular vehicle - from tinting to upholstery protection to nudge-bars - she’ll make sure your vehicle - and your resale - look better for longer.

  • Specialty Products Available - Let us know if you’re after something special
  • Darkest Legal Window Tinting - Protect your vehicle’s interior and yourself from Queensland’s harsh heat and UV rays, and look good doing it, with Australia’s darkest legal window tinting, professionally applied
  • Lifetime Warranty - All our aftercare products come with a lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Save Time & Money - All aftercare products can be applied to your vehicle prior to delivery, saving you time and money

They’re just the top reasons. There are plenty more that we don’t have space to list. Call us to chat about aftercare for your new or used Suzuki, and you’ll start to see what we mean.